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T-Yoke & Washer

the material of T-Yoke & washer is steel, the characteristic is conducting magnetism, but it has no residual magnetism, which means when the magnetic fields disappeared, its magnetism disappeared at once.   We produce many different models and size of T-Yoke & Washer, which can be customized by customers.

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The main function is to conduct magnetism, it can divided into one part T-Yoke and two parts T-Yoke, the distortion of one part T-Yoke is less, and has the strong magnet The main role is magnetic, with one and two points, one T iron guide magnetic high, low distortion. ...


The main function of washer is to conduct magnetism, which is used with T-Yoke together, the surface treatment has white & blue zinc-plating, electrophoresis, chrome-plating and sand blast.

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