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Magnet can divided into ferrite magnet and NdFeB, we produce the magnet which is common used in speaker. it has no magnetism when we produce, after it assemble with other speaker parts, we magnetizing it, so that the speaker can work. The quality of magnet will affect the power of speaker, so for the big speaker, we usually choose the high-grade magnet, such as for the ferrite, we choose Y35, for NdFeB, we choose N52. We have many different models and size of magnet, which can be customized by customer. The general called magnet, permanent magnet, alnico name more accurate. There is no magnetic speaker in the assembly before, in and T iron plate with adhesive after good, magnetized in the magnetizing machine, magnetic remanence is the last magnet, magnetic size of the remanent magnetization is the magnet, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, bigger flux, the current is moving in a magnetic field force more big, so in order to improve the power of the loudspeaker, it used a lot of ferromagnetic material, such as ndfeb.

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Ferrite Magnet
Ferrite Magnet

We produce many different kinds of ferrite magnet, for the grade, we can divided into Y25, Y30, Y35, etc, and for the shape, we can divided into ring ferrites, cylindriform ferrites, square ferrites and segment ferrites, etc, which can be customized by customer. ...

NdFeB magnet
NdFeB magnet

NdFeB magnet has high magnetic performance, its BHmax is ten times than ferrite magnet, and its mechanical property is also good, it can process different kinds of shapes according to customer’s requirement. we produce the property from N35 to N50, and can do the ...

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