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Speaker parts--Ferrite Magnet

Magnetic material is fundamental functional material of electronic industry. As an important role of magnetic material, permanent magnetic material play a great role in electronic industry, IT industry, Auto industry, electric powered tools industry, motorcycle industry and etc. Meanwhile, they are also widely used in medical treatment, mining and metallurgy, industrial automation, oil energy industry and civil industry. The common sharp of ferrite magnet has Ring magnet, Cylindric magnet, Square magnet, Square magnet with hole, Segment, Bar magnet, etc. According to the different grade of ferrite magnet, the applicable scope is also different, for example, the grade of Y25 is mainly used in loudspeaker, sensor, receivers, etc. and the grade of Y30 is mainly used in electric motors for powered tools, magnetic motor for motorcycle, etc. And the grade of Y35 is mainly used in high-quality loudspeaker, household appliance, etc.
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